Montag, 23. Januar 2012

Lightening the desk lamp

Welcome, humble visitor.

You might (or might not) know me, however let me briefly introduce myself: My name is Enno and I'm from Germany. I am your not-really-average adolescent going through life with an open eye to reality and efforts to improve the own horizon on several levels. This has been an important factor to improve my own critical thinking and shape my opinions to certain matters. Especially "Game Design" has been catching my attention more and more lately, which is why I dedicate this blog mainly to random thoughts, ideas or even to criticism from the perspective of an aspiring game designer-to-be. Especially League of Legends will be in my line of focus, but that is a non-solid matter.

Why the desk lamp ?
Especially designers might find this following situation somewhat familiar: it turned late into the night and you are still sitting at your desk, an empty paper laying flat before you. There is something still pondering in your head, that does not leave you alone. There are two (out of many) most likely outcomes concerning the result of this scenario: you have an idea and can thus fill the paper with whatever is filling your mind or you leave it behind for other things, leaving it to it's own unique, unchanged beauty. It's a familiar situation, because especially evening to night-time is inspiring and bears fruits of the imagination. This is the symbol which this blog may reflect; the desk and the desk lamp, that either witness the filling of the paper or how it's kept empty.

Feel free to comment on anything you might or might not find interesting, because I am open for healthy and constructive discussions. You can also follow me on Twitter (@D3Reap3R), where I'd gladly answer questions or comment on things.